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Extraordinary Ambient Light Immunity

HSIR+ makes N Series the best performing IR multi-touch product ever in dealing with ambient light. ZaagTech N Series enjoys stable performance under light from any angles.

Enhanced Product Stability

Another salient benefit of HSIR+ is amazing product stability. N Series has high range of tolerance for disturbing obstacles such as dust, it performs undisturbed even under extreme situations such as multiple LED failure.

High Response Rate

True Multi-Touch Support

The rapid response within 7ms-13ms offers you the best interactive experience, effortless dragging and natural gesture recognition.

N Series multi-touch overlays support 2 or 4 touch points and multi-touch gestures. Unlike other technologies, ZaagTech N Series comes with simultaneous true multi-touch points.

Low Power Consumption

Cost Effectiveness

With single USB connection as power requirement, N Series works perfectly even under laptop battery mode.

Powered by ZaagTech’s proprietary HSIR+ (Hybrid Scattered Infrared Plus) technology, N Series is a revolutionary product featured with admirable performance and affordable price.