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【Our Philosophy】

Instantly with the touch of our fingertips, we are connected, our lives are changed, and our world is transformed.
    Zaag —— Communication anytime, anywhere.
      Zeal —— Serving customers with enthusiasm and passion.
          Attentive —— Focusing on customer needs and leading the technology trends.
             Action —— Developing quality products quickly.
                Gain —— Creating new connections and achieving win-win results.


【Cultivating outstanding talents, creating high-end technology, and improving business management 】

Since our beginning we have been seeking people worldwide with the same startup ideas and exceptional skills. After a long and difficult search we have established a young, passionate, and strong research, development, and management team that is rapidly growing in our free working environment.

Technically, we insist on the ideal combination of innovation and tradition, constantly improving our style and researching and developing brand-new touch control technology. We insist on achieving technological leadership in advanced touch control theories, precise identification technology, and the effects of strong operation. We are dedicated to research and development of touch technology, making it easier and more convenient for everyone to interact and touch each other’s lives.

In terms of company management, by drawing on everyone’s experiences and combining that with our improvements until now we have succeeded in establishing a management style suitable for our development.

【Our Goals】

In the rapidly developing electronic information age we follow our philosophy that true touch control technology enables communication anytime, anywhere. We adhere to the idea of cultivating outstanding talents, creating high-end technology, and improving business management, and we strive to achieve our ultimate goal of developing top-quality technology and creating a superior and successful brand of touch techonology.